Cottonanswer is a company refashioned into a new project aimed at revitalising the textile sector. We came into being on the strength of the know-how of the people who already worked here. For us, no-one is expendable, least of all older people. That’s why our 87 original employees were aged 50 and above. During these two years that we’ve been in operation, we achieved a successful mix by harnessing the skills of all those who were here. Today, we have 160 workers and we often need to subcontract our work out to other companies to meet the orders placed with us. We are aware that our project is ambitious, but we already find ourselves reaping the rewards. We are a new business operating in the former premises of a company that had been in existence here, we are not a company that just changed its name. Our differences are of a cultural nature, not based on machinery. The machines are the same everywhere. Innovation, design, fashion. We have the capacity to create and innovate on a daily basis, understanding people and providing what they are looking for.